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Guided tour to discover Messina Theatre

On the 28th December 2017 our association, Associazione Guide Turistiche Eolie Messina Taormina, along with Vittorio Emanuele Theatre, has organized an entire day of guided tours of Messina theatre. The event was called A guide to the inedited. A journey to discover Messina Theater (Guida all’inedito. Viaggio alla scoperta del Teatro di Messina).

Our association has chosen the 28th December for a reason. It’s that moment of the year when Messina and its inhabitants commemorate the terrible earthquake that hit and destroyed the town in 1908. It was one the worst catastrophe that hit entire Europe in the XX century. The building that hosted the Theatre (and that hosts the theatre even today) was mostly spared by the earthquake. So it became a symbol of reconstruction for the town.

Vittorio Emanuele Theatre had been inaugurated on the 12th January 1852. On that day Messina audience had enjoyed the rehearsal of “The triumph of peace”, a melodramatic opera by poet Felice Bisazza and composer Antonio Laudamo. People remained astonished by the inside of Messina Theatre. Neapolitan and Rome artists had helped with the decoration. Royal box had been placed on caryatids, golden wooden Winged Victories supported the royal crown. Boxes had been decorated with stuccos and red velvet. Walls had been embellished with golden wooden decorations. The inside part of the theatre was in a striking contrast with the sober neoclassical outside. Guided Tour Teatro Vittorio Emanuele

Messina Theatre, inside and outside

As mentioned before, we have commemorated Messina earthquake with a series of guided tour of Messina Theater. We have tried to describe and explore Messina theatre both from the architectural and cultural point of view. What survives today of the nineteen century Vittorio Emanuele Theater? How important was the theatre for the life of Messina at that time?

Teatro vittorio Guide turistiche MessinaTour guides have led guests inside the theatre, passing from the audience stalls to the foyer, up to reach the terrace. Tour guides of our association have talked about the architecture of the theatre, mentioning curiosities related to its story. They have offered Messina citizens and tourists a new perspective about it.

Reserve your Messina Theatre guided tour

Our association offers an interesting tour to rediscover Teatro Vittorio Emanuele. This monument is iconic to understand Messina historical and cultural heritage. We want you to discover life behind the scenes and appreciate the art collections owned by the Theatre. We cannot forget to mention the precious “Colapesce” painted on the vault of Messina Theater by the famous Renato Guttuso. The mythological hero has been spectator of all the show offered by Vittorio Emanuele Theater since its reopening in 1985.

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