Savoca and Forza D’Agrò



The town of Savoca is located on the Peloritans, about 300m above sea level and, thanks to its wonderful location, it enjoys an extraordinary panorama. The village overlooks two valleys where two streams flow: Savoca and Agrò.

According to tradition the name comes from the plant Elder (in dialect Savucu), that is very common in this area. The legend says that the original name was “Pentefurri” because these places were inhabited by “Pentefur”, a community of’ unknown origin settled in that area.

Historical sources said that the city was founded by Roger II in 1134 and the settlement grew around the fortress of Pentefur, in the late Middle Ages a castle was built there, where there was staying Archimandrite ; it had great strategic importance and which you can still admire the walls.

Walking along the city centre, meet the major religious buildings:

  • the church of St. Nicholas also known as Santa Lucia, in honour of the patron saint of the city;
  • the mother-church showing precious frescoes of the Byzantine era;
  •  St .Michael church;
  • the church and the Capuchin monastery, where you can admire a rich mummies collection of nobles and local aristocrats.

Simultaneously to the historical and artistic path, Savoca offers a film itinerary: walking along the city are easily identified several well-known set of the Godfather of Francis Ford Coppola, most notably the Bar Vitelli, located inside Palazzo Trimarchi.


Forza D’Agrò

Forza D’Agrò is situated on the Peloritans, it towers 420 m above the sea level, overlooking the Ionian Sea, and it offers visitors a magnificent views of Sicily and on Mount Etna.

It preserves the original medieval street layout: narrow streets and delightful landscape of the Ionian seaboard are two good reasons to visit it!

According to historical sources, during the Middle Age, in 1117, Count Roger (Norman) gave the village to Basilian monks who lived in the great Convent of Saints Peter and Paul, in Agrò Valley. In 15th century, a new family, the Forza, arrived in the village and it rose to power, so big development began in this area.

Over the centuries, thanks to strategic position, Forza D’Agrò had an important role in Messina and Sicilian’s events: Its important buildings, such as the mother-church, testify to a past of extraordinary richness.





What to visit in Savoca:
  • St. Nicholas church also known as St. Lucy church
  • Saint Michael church
  • Municipal museum
  • Mother church
  • Capuchin church and convent
  • Mediaeval house with mullioned window
  • Bar Vitelli


What to visit in Forza D’Agrò

  • Mother church of the Annunciation
  • Holy Trinity church
  • Augustinian convent
  • durazzesco arch
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