At the foot of Monte Pellegrino, on a large Tyrrhenian bay, Palermo overlooks an area of over 15,000 hectares.

Here, among lemons, oranges and the waters of the ancient Conca d’oro, wonderful architectures are still witnesses of a past full of deep traditions and various cultures.

Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Normans, Swabians and Spanish competed to leave an indelible trace of their passage. In this way they have donated to posterity beautiful monuments.

Guided tour of the Sicilian capital

Here you are:

  • ruins of the Punic city walls
  • Roman mosaics of the patrician villas
  • a Byzantine stile of the wonderful Arab-Norman churches
  • colours of the variegated marbles
  • architectural scrolls of baroque buildings

Witnesses of a magnificent past, even the eighteenth century buildings, which still run along the principal axes of Palermo. Once there was a time when form, beauty and magnificence were synonymous of luxury and power. Furthermore, in the new town you can enjoy cast and wrought iron, stained glasses and romantic pictures in the Liberty style villas of the most famous people of the time.

The same ones that made famous the architecture of the town, giving it a new and up to date dress.

Discover the city

Palermo was saved by those earthquakes that, over the centuries, humiliated the history of the Sicilian East.

Palermo retains its different layers and cultures in all its monuments. For this it has an eclectic face to visitors and it is synesthetic for the five senses.

The historic markets of Ballarò, Capo and Vucciria with their smells, tastes and sounds evoke traditions of all the times. Works of art are everywhere the eye is able to reach and legs are able to arrive.

What to visit in Palermo
  • Cathedral
  • Square of shame
  • The Cuba
  • The Zisa
  • Massimo Theatre
  • Politeama Theatre
  • The Chinese Palace
  • The Norman Palace e Palatine Chapel
  • a Baroque square Quattro Canti
  • Church St John of the Ermits
  • Church of St. Mary of the Admiral (The Martorana)
  • Sanctuary of Saint Rosalia
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