Even if it is the closest to the Sicilian coast, Vulcano has been last Aeolian island to be populated, due to its violent volcanic activity. This always characterized the island during the centuries with its alternate phases during the centuries.

Ancient people went there anyway to extract alum and sulphur and to use its thermal waters.

Ochre and green are the typical colours of the island. In fact we find them on the ground, and in the sea we can see the cobalt blue of its deep-sea bottom.

Landing on Vulcano means to plunge in its nature, to lose yourself in a timeless atmosphere, to sweep the horizon, to admire breath-taking sunsets.

Guided tour of Vulcano

Do not miss absolutely the hike on the top of the island’s main crater. The emotion to be on the summit of a dormant volcano since more than a hundred years, adds with the views on the surrounding islands.

You can plunge yourself in its sulphurous mud baths that have multiple therapeutic effects, or in its crystalline waters.

The Black sandy beach is the most populated, while Acquacalda beach offers the possibility to swim in warm waters all year round.

On the island you can enjoy the scents and colours of the Mediterranean vegetation.


The war on the volcanos

In 1949 Roberto Rossellini was at the climax of his success. He shares the artistic and intimate life with Anna Magnani, but their problematic love was getting the end. The setting of two movies Vulcano and Stromboli became famous. The ménage à trois between the film director Roberto Rossellini, Ingrid Bergman and Anna Magnani drew newspapers’ attention, consequently that one of a lot of tourists. 

Guide Turistiche Eolie Messina Taormina suggests a guided tour of the island of the god Vulcano.

What to visit in Vulcano
  • Fossa crater (dormant volcano)
  • Tour by boat
  • Mud baths
  • Black sandy beach
  • The hilly area of the Piano (by a scooter or a quad)
  • The Monster Valley
  • The Horse’s grotto and the Venus Pool

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