VENTO A TINDARI (Salvatore Quasimodo)

Tindari, mite ti so
Fra larghi colli pensile sull’acque
Delle isole dolci del dio,
oggi m’assali
e ti chini in cuore […]

[…] Tindari serena torna;
soave amico mi desta
che mi sporga nel cielo da una rupe
e io fingo timore a chi non sa
che vento profondo m’ha cercato.

If you love culture, archaeology and you are attracted by the millenary history of the most ancient Sicilian towns, in this site there are the remains of the ancient Tyndaris. It was a colony founded by Syracuse people in the IV century BC to control the northern coast of Sicily. Cicerone called Tyndaris nobilissima civitas.

In fact if we go for a pleasant walk along the ancient walls, we arrive at the entrance of the archaeological site, where walking through the very regular urban plant, we can explore:

  • the insula IV with its taverns and its houses, the thermal baths with their wonderful mosaics;
  • an enigmatic basilica ;
  • the Greek-Roman theatre with its excellent acoustics where even today shows and classical performances are put on;
  • a little antiquarium helps us to better know the history and the organization of this flourishing and strategic polis.

Tyndaris is also a holy place.

Thousands of pilgrims pay homage and pray the black Virgin Mary. They visit the Sanctuary of Madonna del Tindari, probably built on the ancient acropolis site. A lot of legends and traditional events are connected to this precious oriental wooden sculpture. There is a great popular veneration.

Then the Sanctuary is on the top of an amazing headland.

Here there is a large belvedere and from here we get a lovely view on the sea. We can see the changeable shapes of the Marinello lakes, made by tides. At the horizon, the Aeolian Islands appear in charming colourful shapes.


Guide Turistiche Eolie Messina Taormina suggests a guided tour of this enchanting place. 

What to visit in Tindari
  • Archaeological site and Gree-Roman Theatre 
  • The antiquarium
  • The Sanctuary of the Black Holy Virgin Mary 
  • The natural reserve of the Marinello lakes
Tindari- Guide Turistiche Eolie Messina Taormina