“If somebody had only one day to spend in Sicily and asked what to see, I would answer without hesitation: Taormina“.

So wrote the nineteenth century French writer Maupassant and certainly his voice joined and mingled with that of many other tourists and foreign guests, famous and unknown, who have felt the irresistible lure of a beautiful town.

Like a shell protects the inside of his most precious pearls, so Taormina reveals itself, as in a warm embrace, enclosed among the gentle slopes of the Peloritani.

The rocky and sandy coast is lapped by the crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea. Along with nature and the beautiful landscapes highlighted by an exciting contrast between the sea and the volcano Etna , the monumental historical and architectural sites form an indispensable compendium on this site.

Just above Taormina, the silhouette of the castle built by the Arabs proudly stands, while the two gates, north and south, protected the ancient village.

As a natural terrace Taormina stands on the slopes of Mt.Tauro at 200 meters a. s. l.. Here’s why the charm of this place is going to prevail over everything else. A walking along the main street or the peaceful quiet of the public gardens are unique.

Even more the stunning backdrop you may admire while sitted in the cavea of the Greek Roman theatre. And you are astonished. 

It has been the perfect framework for the Dolce Vita. And it is also a perfect and pleasant bond between past and present: around the several historical monuments there are restaurants, cafès, bars where you can go through.  So you can discover the town thanks to the unique taste of the Sicilian cuisine.

Guided tour of Taormina

Accessible destination throughout the whole year thanks to its strategic geographic position, Taormina offers you a wide range of activities and attractions, always!


Guide Turistiche Eolie Messina Taormina invites you in the small town for a guided tour.

What to visit in Taormina:
  • Greek-Roman Theatre
  • Palace Corvaja and Duchi di Santo Stefano, Badia Vecchia

  • Cathedral, Church of Santa Caterina

  • Odeon, Naumachie

  • Public gardens

Taormina- Guide Turistiche Eolie Messina Taormina