Perched on a spur of the Peloritani Mountains, Castroreale offers amazing views on Milazzo, Tindari and the Aeolian Islands.

A winding road lead to the village of Castroreale and after a long series of curbs, it is there, splendid!

The small town of Castroreale became more and more fundamental for its crucial position within a system of fortification both on the Tyrrhenian and Ionian sides.  The village knew a rich long period, when also, numerous Jews took part in it; in fact, some remains of the old synagogue can be admired.


Discover Castroreale

An important religious testimony is located in the Church of St. Agatha: U Signuri Longu, a crucifix celebrated on August 25th, to whom the inhabitants are devoted a lot, because in 1854 they were freed from the plague thanks the crucifix.  The procession is really particular and people come from all the surroundings to see it. In the same church there are sculptures made by Antonello Gagini, Giovanni Angelo Montorsoli and Giandomenico Mazzolo. The statue of St. John the Baptist was created by Andrea Calamech, another clever artist of Messinese background. The work of art is housed in the Church of Candlemas, which was the castle chapel of Frederick II Aragon. Here a carved gold wooden tribune can be seen.


In addition, the works in the Cathedral show that there were remarkable local purchasers. One of the seven Sicilian sundials is worthy to see on the floor of XVII century.

The artistic heritage from XV to XVIII centuries is placed in the public museum, which was established in 1953 after the art exhibition in Messina concerning Antonello da Messina and the Sicilian art in XV century. On that occasion, some works belonging to Castroreale were displayed.

This little village is a typical Sicilian town therefore to stroll through its narrow streets is an experience not to be missed.


What to visit in Castroreale

  • Church of St. Agatha
  • Public museum
  • Church of Candlemas
  • Jewish quarter
  • Tower of Frederick II
  • Mother church
Castroreale guide turistiche messina visita guidataCastroreale guide turistiche messina visita guidataCastroreale guide turistiche messina visita guidataCastroreale guide turistiche messina visita guidata