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Messina is where to find the real spirit of Sicily. First, when going by the streets and inside the squares, everyone can find the same atmosphere that William Shakespeare described in Much Ado About Nothing.

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Aeolian Islands

Known as the islands of wind and fire, thanks to its enchanting sea, to its among the most active volcanoes of the earth, its places rich of myths and legends, to the black of the volcanic rock, the blue of the sea and the sky and the green of vegetation, the Aeolian Archipelago provokes in visitors a sort of charming fever.

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“If somebody had only one day to spend in Sicily and asked what to see, I would answer without hesitation: Taormina”. So wrote the nineteenth century French writer Maupassant and certainly his voice joined and mingled with that of many other tourists and foreign guests, famous and unknown, who have felt the irresistible lure of a beautiful town.

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The ancient Mylae has been an important town since ancient times for its strategical location along the northern coast of Sicily and has been inhabited continuously to the present day. Its fertile plains has been cultivated for centuries and its products have characterized its economy and its social life.

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Our guides

Guide Turistiche Eolie Messina Taormina is professionalism and competence in the discovery of the best features of the most beautiful Sicilian place of interest. Our guides will transmit their love and knowledge of Sicily from any points of view: archaeology, history, art, nature, environment, traditions, volcanology and many others aspects. Thanks to years of experience, they will adapt the guided tour to the different groups from the children to the adults. A guided tour with us will be very informative but enjoyable too.

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Visite guidate a Lipari
Lipari old town: guided tour
  • | 19 Jul 2021

By popular demand, this summer 2021 the tourist guides Guide Turistiche Eolie Messina Taormina propose guided tours in Lipari Choose the…


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