Guide Turistiche Eolie Messina Taormina
21 Feb

International Tourist Guide Day 2018

On the occasion of the International Tourist Guide Day 2018, the Association Guide Turistiche Eolie Messina Taormina is planning a day of free guided visits to the Sanctuary of Saint Francis of Paola of Milazzo.

What is the Tourist Guide Day?

Since 28 years the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations and the Italian Tourist Guide Association  have been celebrating the International Tourist Guide DayThis event was established, in order to  promote this qualified profession in the world.

Therefore the tourist guides offer guided tours of places of interest from an artistic and cultural point of view. The event focuses on this job, that is not often very appreciated, and so very known.

But, it is a very important work. Indeed it attracts interest in promotion and knowledge of the cultural heritage of our country.

For this reason on Sunday 25th February 2018 the Association of tourist guides Eolie Messina Taormina is involved in this initiative.  Citizens can visit free the Sanctuary of Milazzo at 11.00 a.m. and at  4.30 p.m..

The Sanctuary of Saint Francis of Paola in Milazzo

It is the only one to have been built by the Saint himself in Sicily  in 1465.

The façade is the result of a XVIII century restoration. Inside many precious works of art are housed, for example:

  • a statue of the Holy Virgin Mary and the Child of alabaster by Domenico Gagini;
  • many altarpieces depicting the miracles of the Saint by Letterio Paladino in the XVIII century.

The church consists of one nave and it is a rococo jewel.

Minim Friars’ story and miracles of S. Francis of Paola blend in this church. Concerning the unexplained events, there are the stones of the miracle in the sacresty.

Then, in Milazzo the International Tourist Guide Day 2018 organises a fundraising for the Minim Friars.

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