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2 Jan

Caravaggio celebrated in Milan

The genius of Caravaggio celebrated in Milan.

Michelangelo Merisi, better known as Caravaggio is celebrated by his native city with a unique exhibition.

He was born in Milan on September the 29th 1571 and he will become one of the most celebrated painters in Europe.

His style, his technique, but above all, his realism will change the Italian and European painting. Hated and venerated in his time, Caravaggio will be forgotten for many years after his death. In 1951 the art historian Roberto Longhi organized an important exhibition: Caravaggio and the Caravaggeschi, as a result, Milan and all Italy discovered again this genius of art.

After more than four hundred years from his death and in the day of his birthday, at the Palazzo Reale of Milan, a new exhibition is inaugurated. It collects most of his masterpieces and studies with ultra-modern techniques.

Artistic diagnostic method applied to Caravaggio

The artistic diagnostic has begun to be used since the 19th century. It was used in order to obtain data that couldn’t be seen with the naked eye. It was used to better understand the artist’s executive technique. Regarding Caravaggio, these studies are essential due to the peculiarity of his kind of execution.

The 20 paintings on display in this exhibition were analysed with innovative scientific techniques. Experts used radiography, fluorescence or stratigraphy to obtain some important information: the kind of base used (canvas, wood or metal slab), the painting preparation, the sketches, the changes done by the artist and the scratches.

Behind every painting there is a screen with the radiographic images. People can so follow and discover the painter’s way, from his initial idea to the final realisation of the work.

Cristina Leone

Milan exhibition